The Land of Moon & Venus

MUSE CIRCLE - SOUL GARDEN September 5, 2019 13:41

Sharon Slowik is a plant whisperer. When you are ready to meet your soulmate of a garden variety, she is a matchmaker for you. Her botanical arts are spanning from creating “intelligent” textiles to essential oil horticulture therapy. Sharon facilitates custom-fit alliances with plants, which are uniquely our match. She offers an opportunity to become intimately engaged with our plant partners on the path to profound personal growth and transformation.

Sharon’s childhood curiosity stimulated her keen observation of the patterns occurring in the natural world. Her houseplant playmates and caregiving activities of the family garden nurtured her imagination. She became an accomplished textile artist and a fabric development expert. With the ability to feel the connection and attune so closely to the plant’s journey, Sharon stepped outside the corporate box and leaped into the world of ethnobotany and essential oils to focus on her natural love. Her new vision emerged as Rose of Sharon textile collection and Liquid Amber, plant therapy with essential oils.

Sharon and her husband John share a passionate collaboration with nature. On the spacious grounds of their magnificent home in Upstate New York, she created her intimate garden sanctuary. While Sharon is lovingly attending to the plants, the garden reciprocates as an infinite, nourishing source of inspiration and unconditional love. The process is a constant reminder that she belongs here - in her soul lane. 



THE MUSE September 19, 2017 11:58

Moon & Venus in the world...

FEELING COLOR - THE ARTIST BY THE SEA June 29, 2016 12:09 2 Comments

Monique Santander-Gruen is a Chilean-American artist and a freshly-minted resident of Solana Beach, Ca.

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Monique moved to NYC to pursue her calling in the arts. When you chat with her now, she would quietly confess that she is still a New Yorker at heart, but her newly formed bond with the Pacific Ocean and her new home fills her with a deep sense of awe, inspiration and gratitude.

While being a sophisticated traveller, comfortable in the shoes of a global trotter, Monique uses her artistic path to break free herself from defined realities. Liberated, she embarks on a journey into the mysteries of the inner worlds, daring us to come along.

Her abstract landscapes are a spontaneous celebration of color, form and movement. In a complex attempt to unify and disentangle order and chaos, her released passion roams freely and deliberately through the peaks and valleys of a rhythmic expression. Unrestricted emotions give a fluid and distinct voice to a palette, tapped into euphoric energy of a spiraling trance.

How can we resist such invitation? Courageously, we take a plunge!