The Land of Moon & Venus

THE MUSE September 19, 2017 03:58

Moon & Venus in the world...

FEELING COLOR - THE ARTIST BY THE SEA June 29, 2016 04:09 2 Comments

Monique Santander-Gruen is a Chilean-American artist and a freshly-minted resident of Solana Beach, Ca.

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Monique moved to NYC to pursue her calling in the arts. When you chat with her now, she would quietly confess that she is still a New Yorker at heart, but her newly formed bond with the Pacific Ocean and her new home fills her with a deep sense of awe, inspiration and gratitude.

While being a sophisticated traveller, comfortable in the shoes of a global trotter, Monique uses her artistic path to break free herself from defined realities. Liberated, she embarks on a journey into the mysteries of the inner worlds, daring us to come along.

Her abstract landscapes are a spontaneous celebration of color, form and movement. In a complex attempt to unify and disentangle order and chaos, her released passion roams freely and deliberately through the peaks and valleys of a rhythmic expression. Unrestricted emotions give a fluid and distinct voice to a palette, tapped into euphoric energy of a spiraling trance.

How can we resist such invitation? Courageously, we take a plunge!

MUSE CIRCLE - HOW YOU GLOW May 28, 2016 08:10

We welcome Ana Nieto into our Muse Circle. This is how she glows.

According to Ana, the San Diego transplant and the founder of Turtle Shell Health, it is never to late to begin your Sustainable Life. A personal trainer and a performing artist with a passion for the arts and wellness, she built a multifaceted platform, attuned to the rhythms of the natural cycles. TSH helps individuals and organizations to achieve and practice a more sustainable lifestyle in the arts, health and wellness fields.

Ana advocates that Strength is the core of health and a balanced energy is the key to physical and spiritual success. She facilitates individual transformation growing strong from the inside out.

Ana volunteers for the local Living Building Challenge Collaborative, a committee of the San Diego Green Building Council that spotlights Green Real Estate initiatives as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. She is also involved with the local Farmers Market by supporting the REAL farmers who sell their organic produce directly to the consumer. She believes that sustaining local farming enriches local community.

Ana invites us to "join in the fun and stay healthy!"