Yours Naturally March 7, 2015 17:36

PURE Seamless stemmed from a design recipe, intending to bring forth Yin Yang polarities, together fusing the man’s undershirt and vintage corsetry in its essence.

While being an agent for shared intimacy, the tank may not be the first or only item of clothing that women boldly plucked out of men’s wardrobes for their own comfort and pleasure. After all, at one time men rivaled women in their love of wearing lace, an arena where females now rule. As a sartorial muse and a stand-in for voluptuous androgyny, the tank sparked an idea for a visual and tactile design palate that turned the heat on. Adding a dash of vintage corsetry DNA into the mix spiced up the recipe, unleashed the passion, and it began to smolder.

In a nutshell the result is a luxurious silk blend knitwear, specially developed in Italy with state-of-the-art seamless technology. Transcending categories and seasons. Pure Seamless appeals to a modern woman of style who feels naturally sexy in her own skin, expressing herself fully and experiencing beauty inside out.