Bask In Your Orange Vibe June 1, 2015 03:00

The doors of the summer are swinging wide open, exposing a rich, delicious, fragrant palette of the season. Within this beautiful spectrum it is the orange color that is bursting forth with the heightened sense of excitement. It is shouting the loudest - the time to boost your own orange vibe is now.

It is the perfect moment for this orange obsession and it is not because it is a Pantone "color of choice" or it reflects that you are "on trend". Express your orange vibe like you never did before, because it radiates and accentuates your own unadulterated Joy!

Orange is a sensual color of sunshine and creativity, it stimulates our sexual energy of abundance. It is the color of intuition - bright, fun-loving and optimistic. It harmonizes with our passion. Embrace and feel your orange. Stop hiding it. Emit it. Listen to it.

Listen to the orange waves of the ocean and to the orange whispers of the cooling forest. Connect with your orange in the clear skies and in the drum beat of your heart. Breeze it in and sing your lungs out. Sing your own orange harmony and compose your own "Ode To Joy". The world is not the same without it and is just more colorful with it!