The Land of Moon & Venus

THE STORY OF THE GOLDEN EGG March 29, 2016 14:34


The journey through creative process where a conceptual idea is transformed into a tangible physical reality is an opportunity to experience magic in action. Creating things with your hands within a virtual universe of the development process is the pathway to its artistic origins.

Once I was rewarded with a sumptuous rooftop garden in the middle of Manhattan. I eagerly immersed my hands into the dirt. The process of gardening was a constant reminder of many treasures, dug from the giving, infinitely abundant Earth. Impatient to see the fruits of my labors, I reengaged the artisan within me and the "BACK TO EARTH" jewelry series was born.
My Golden Egg pendant has risen from the fragmented childhood memory of Russian fables and reflections on the mythical Hero’s Journey applied to the daily experience.

As in any myth or fairy tale the Hero is initiated into the perilous journey to the distant land with the task to retrieve the Golden Egg and safely bring it back home. Supposedly, it is locked far away in the treasure chest, guarded by the most fearful forces imaginable. The Hero overcomes tremendous odds in its pursuit and ultimately is victorious.

The Golden Egg is a subtle reminder of our own transformational journeys. We are all Heroes in our personal fairy tale and after all there is nothing to seek or search for - the Golden Egg is in our core.